About BapinGroup, the company that I started in 2012

Brief Info about the company: Bapin Group is an online Assistive Technology Store (www.bapingrouponline.com)based in California. Founded by Anindya “Bapin” Bhattacharyya, Bapin Group offers a wide range of hand-picked products for people with blindness or low vision. What makes our products really special is that, we do test our products before adding them to our catalogue.  You can be rest assured that when you are buying a product from us, it has been thoroughly tested by us. Since our inception in 2012, we are constantly striving to offer only the best of the products that are available in the market and thoroughly human tested.
Advanced products with a human touch

Technology has come a long way and helping people live independently with grace and dignity. We strongly believe in selling products that have a positive impact on the lives of its users. We believe in building with relationships and most of our customers come back for more. We are distributors of the companies that constantly thrive to make a difference in people’s life through constant innovation and technological advancement.

Global Presence

With customers from all across the world like USA, India, Japan, Malaysia, United Kingdom and Australia, we can truly claim ourselves as a Global company.

We promote and sell products manufactured by world class brands like Dot Corp, AlexandraVision, HIMS, Bones, Humanware, Eurobraille, & Perkins Solutions among others. Our website is our virtual brochure. The products are categorized under specific menus along with their specifications, usage, and warranty and our site is accessible from both desktop and mobile devices. We have products like Alerting Devices, Screen Readers, Magnifiers, Braillers, Scanners, Braille Smartwatches etc. Each manufacturer has different standards of warranty or extended warranty, so please read the detailed description carefully.

You may purchase directly from our ecommerce website at http://www.bapingrouponline.com website or write to us if you are looking for any specific help. If you face any difficulties or just don’t like to pay via online, feel free to write to us at sales@bapingroup.com and we would be happy to help. All payment terms are prepaid and are accepted via Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Discovery, and E Check) or by Wire Transfer.  It generally takes 7 to 10 working days to ship products within US. For international orders transit time are calculated along with air freight & mode of shipment.

We try to hand over the maximum benefit to our customers and periodically run promotions & discounts through our websites, newsletters and FaceBook page. Do subscribe to our newsletters from the Bapin Group website and like our page on Facebook to get more details on the latest products and promotions.

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